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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Assignment 5

I did not receive any questions so I will improvise questions that people may ask me. Some people could ask me why the plane crashed on this island. At first, we thought it was just an ordinary plane crash with motor difficulties. But we learn, in the second season of Lost that the crash was calculated. A magnetic strength attracted the plane to this specific and strange island full of magnetic phenomenon. You could ask me what is so strange on this island. In the second episode, when Jack, Kate and Charlie search for the plane’s cockpit, they found the pilot, alive. But they heard a strange noise coming out of the plane. The pilot got off the plane to watch and he was sucked up by a black cloud destroying the pilot’s body. This kind of smoke scared our characters and gave suspense because we did not know what it is. I really appreciated this program; I think it will remain my favorite too. We learned about each character’s life and it gives me good feelings because it is sincere and you can easily identify your with a character. I recommend it to everybody of you. Start one episode, I promise that you will want to watch them all just because of the suspense and mysterious sudden change.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Assignment 4

My name is Kate and this is what happened to me in the third episode. Firstly, the Marshall, in bad health, said that I was dangerous. I walked with a little team in the jungle to find a transmission for the radio. We stayed at a point to sleep for the night. We talked about the signal we received. It was a French woman telling that her whole team was dead, somebody killed them. The message was sixteen years old in repetition. Sayid and I wanted to lie; we did not want that other survivors knew what we heard. The team left me the gun because they trusted me, but in reality, I was a fugitive. I stayed in a farm with an old man to hide myself. I didn’t tell him that I was a criminal so I lied. But one day, he saw my picture at the post office and took me to the police. Back on the beach, I was not able to lie to Jack. Maybe because I really appreciated him, I told him the truth. I asked him if the Marshall said something about me but he said no. I met a big boy named Hurley, he seemed really strange with me, I don’t know why (He knew about my criminal life). I visited the Marshall in his tent and he tried to kill me. Jack told me that he found my paper. He knew that I was a murderer. At night, I lighted a fire on the beach and Sawyer came to talk about the Marshall’s misery. He is really suffering now. The Marshall wanted to talk to me and asked me to kill him. I gave this favour to Sawyer, I was not able. I talked again with Jack, I wanted to tell him what I did to be considered a prisoner. He did not want to know, he respected my old life and me.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Assignment 2: Lost

In the second episode, we learn about Charlie’s life. Charlie is played by Dominic Monaghan. Charlie was a rock musician, he was also addicted to drugs. Just before the plane crash, he hid heroin in the toilet. In an excursion, Charlie found his beloved heroin. But during this excursion, Kate, Jack and Charlie found the rest of the plane and a strange thing sucked up the survivor pilot. They also discovered a radio. On the beach, Sawyer fought Sayid because he believed that Sayid was a terrorist. Sayid decided to try the radio in the mountains, so a little team crossed the jungle. They met a polar bear that Sawyer killed with a marshal’s gun. We learn that Kate was a prisoner. The little team picked up an old German signal on the radio, it was from sixteen years ago and said to help them.

Assignment 1: Lost

An excellent TV program that everyone should watch is Lost. I
discovered this program last summer and then, I never miss an
episode. It is a TV program that contains suspense, mystery and sweet
stories, that is why I chose to talk about it. Lost is the story of
survivors of a plane crash. Nobody is known in the beginning of the
first episode. We learn a little bit about Jack's life. Jack becomes the
leader because he is responsible and he is also a doctor. The crash
happened on an island far from civilization but looking at the credits,
we know that the series is filmed in Hawaii. The landscape carries viewers
to a marvelous series full of strange events.